In This World da BABEL SIN FRONTERAS por Jorgestrada

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  1. roberto daglio Says:
    Novembre 29th, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    In Babel sin Fronteras 2010 “In this World” each of us have put a bit of our heart, to obtain the best results and trying to reflect our world view, that is the mission of the artist. This world that sometimes we’ll see how tearing without stopping to think about the legacy we’re going to leave future generations.
    Maybe our ideal one is to break any barrier that separates us, To join and to share can be a utopic … but the ideal are fight for they this is our way. We don`t speak about fraternity, nor benevolences that ultimately turns falses. We cannot cross our arms in front of beauty of the world and of our history and simultaneously so terribly complex.

    In this World is a follow-up of which even we are here and which even we lack much for doing of this world something better … so small and defenseless as a grain of sand. We cannot stop spend the opportunity to be alive and to put our small grain of sand to construct the beach in which at some day we will join us and to observe all together the depth and greatness of the sea that we are all the human beings.
    Daniela Vivarelli Jorge Estrada Fernando Lòpez Angulo

    Thanks to the people of UNESCO MEXICO Jòsè Miguel Alvarez for his support
    Thanks to Jerzy Wykowski from Fotart and her artists
    Thanks to Thierry D`helia for traductions


    Enzo Carlino (Italia) GROK (España) OPRACHINA (Italia) Marylo (España) Mike Radice (Estados Unidos) Otoshi (Bèlgica) Murmullo de Cucarachas (España) Rafael Zacher (España) Paco Santiago (España) Pierre-Marie Coedes (Francia) Paolo Pavan (Italia) Pasqualino Ubaldini (Italia) The Flanger sound&Woodlander (España) Tonio Zipa (Alemania) Walter Mazzaccaro (Italia) Zero Project (Grecia) Zino (Japòn) Renich (México) Nuno Lupi (Portugal) Tracing Arcs (Inglaterra) Adam Castillo (Polinesia Frances) Roberto Daglio (Italia) Jorgestrada (México)

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported